BR 3-15: London

It is a big, beautiful, noisy, and exciting city. More than eleven million visitors come every year from countries all over the world. (p.40)

「oxford london bookworms」の画像検索結果     How come London has been developing so much until now? It is one the most nominated countries in the globe. Today, I would like to share my idea about  the question with you, adding my experience in Singapore and Japan. 
     Londoners have respected and symbolized their Royal family and the Thames as Japanese people set the emperor and empress the central pillar instead of the specific religion. Let's take a look at a famous spot, Kensington Garden which is located to Hyde Park. There is a playground called Princess Diana, who lived near here in Kesington Place, and where a lot of children's jolly voice can be heard continuously. As is well known, while she was alive as the princess, her life must have repeated ups and downs. She gave a birth the two loving boys who are now Prince Charles and Prince William, however her destiny could not have been changed at ease since she was part of the nation's important lady. On the other hand, she was also a fine lady and desired to fall in love seriously and live with a dear partner without obsession about the status. The two aspects of Diana as a mother of the princes and a beautiful lady has been struck in the citizens' mind, and the custom seems now to be sort of their identity. 
     The main river would always be the origin of the nation's prosperity. The first Globe Theater along the river was constructed at the time when the Queen Elizabeth the First was on the throne. In 1997, an iconic writer in England Shakespeare's Globe Theater opened, and people watched his work's play with huge applaud. In addition, Tate Modern facing The Millennium Bridge having 88 rooms of twentieth century and twenty-first century exhibits something new and attractive all the time such as Picasso, Pollock, Rothko and many more. 
     London has similar points with Singapore and Japan in some ways. Singapore has a long history with the Singapore River and Marina Bay. As well known in the world, Merlion Statue is a definite symbol there, and local people admire it in the same way of the Royal Family in England. It shows not only one of the favored areas in Asia, but includes their hope that it is not going to have a miserable history like being invaded and abused by others who are approaching with spite against peace in Singapore. From these perspective, I could say every country has own their symbol which means sometimes their consolation, hope and goal which become the origin of development.

Escott, John. London. (2008). Oxford, UK; Oxford University Press.


BR 3-14: Skyjack!

She was shouting now, and nearly crying - there were in tears in her eyes. (p.38)

Image result for skyjack oxford 
     When people make a illegal decision, what background do you think they have hidden? Skyjack! tells us a poor girl and her brothers' miserable childhood and adolescence through their big crime.
     Harald and Carl is on the plane as usual - they enjoy chatting, having a coffee and taking a rest until they reach a country. Suddenly, a gentle young hostess holds  a gun and starts threatening the passengers. The hijackers including the girl belong to a crime family and they desire to set their brother who are arrested in the country free. The Prime Minister, Helen would not like to hurt the passengers as much as possible because some of the passengers are relevant to the foreign keys such as America and England. Thus, she decides to pretend to set their brother free and shoot the hijacker. Will her plan go right? Moreover, what roles do Harald and Carl make to learn the hijacker's past? I would like you to pay attention to them. 
     This time I will focus on the viewpoint of the characters. Through two-year-reading at PUK,  I have realized this kind of lively and speedy stories are told by the each character's setting and point. For example, while Harald and Carl's story is going on, Helen's plan are being shown. However, it is tough for the readers to catch the exact time without tips, so the author puts the third person's conversation (it is a short explanation which implies the two stories' order) to make the whole chapter more simple and well-organized. In contrast, the stories which aim at showing the logical and subjective aspects are written by the third person's view such as Alice in Wonderland. As matter of fact, the readers can get the characters' feeling, setting and plan by their conversation, however the storyteller is essential to draw the mysterious and childlike Wonderland briefly. When you read books, it doesn't hurt to see the construction of the story? 

Vicary, Tim. Skyjack! (2000). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. 


BR 3-13: Go, Lovely Rose and other stories

Hi there. Christmas Day is approaching. Have you arranged any special plan with your friend or family? When it comes to Christmas Day, an image of love comes to my mind, therefore I'll talk about loving story from a father's perspective.

Image result for go lovely rose'Too young to go away by herself,' he thought crossly. (p.4)

     Every beautiful moon night, Mr Carteret is suffered from a strange feeling. He and his wife has a adorable daughter, Susie. Every one says their daughter is so matured that she can go anywhere on her decision and date with a handsome guy. However, as often the case with ordinary fathers, Mr Carteret doesn't want to admit his daughter has grown up to a great lady and soon possibly leaves them. At one cozy night, the undesirable thing happens for him. His daughter is not at home, and he is getting uneasy and starts pacing about in the street. He sees a car coming nearer and nearer and stopping in front of him. A nice man shows up from the car and says his daughter dines supper out with his family and forgot time. The man apologizes him so politely calling Mr Carteret sir. He is getting feel somewhat comfortable and realizes that his daughter has eyes to choose an appropriate man. After all, his concerns disappear. 
     Do you think what is got with you? Of course, yes!! As we get from the story, every parent is concerned that when, where and who is with you all the time. However, their deep thought can not be touched easily because they tend to stay calm and not upset as usual. What I can tell you when you hang out with someone on Christmas Day until midnight is tell your parents something better to make them reassured beforehand. 

 Bates, H. E. Go, Lovely Rose. (1989). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. 


BR 3-12: The Bronte Story

As I went to the graveyard, the church bell began to ring. It was ringing to tell Haworth and all the world that Charlotte Bronte was dead. (p.55) 

「the bronte story oxford」の画像検索結果     The Bronte sisters (Charlotte, Emily and Ann) are one of the well-known writers in the world. As many noted writers grew up under poor and severe home and experienced terrible war or infectious disease, they also had miserable childhood and youth. When they were so small, her mother and elder sisters, Maria and Elizabeth died of disease. Therefore, they were raised up with their father and aunt. To make up this awful pit, they were getting into making their own world in their stories. A box of toy soldier which their father bought to them was modeled after the characters in the stories. They created Angria and Gondal villages and had a good time at every night. This is the start of their achievement and works. 
     The most controversial thing is that they used pen name to publish their books. According to Charlotte, nobody wants to buy books written by women, so the sisters used men's names (Currer, Acton and Ellis ). As matter of fact, their books were sold more successfully than their father ( He also published a book, but the result wasn't desirable). The sisters protected against the readers at that time to tell them women was able to write something and had as intelligent ability as men. I couldn't possibly imagine why women had better pretend as men because I've never felt gender segregation as severe as the sisters. However, in terms of academic situation and workplace, I've heard women are looked down by others. Therefore, the sisters' life asked women to live strongly, I think. 

Vicary, Tim. The Bronte Story. (1991). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. 


BR 3-11: The Kiss

Have you ever been in deep pool of love or lost yourself? Today I'll introduce The Kiss from Kate Chopin.

The Kiss 
Harvy was among the guests at the wedding, and he found her at a moment when she stood alone. (p.4) 

「the kiss oxford bookworms」の画像検索結果     When Braintain take part in a tea party or dinner party, there is a charming woman sitting next to him. She is sure that he is love in her and suspect he asks her out to get marry. With her potential guess, she knows that he hesitates to do that openly and honestly because all he has confidently is just money. He is likely to half give up due to his not good-looking. During the dinner party, a pretty young man kisses her hand gently, which it seems to supposed to be her partner. Suddenly he gets the picture and leaves the supper as though a criminal ran away from the family. In the next day, she tells him furiously that she wants him to keep the man from doing such a embarrassing thing. If she asks him, this means the same thing with marriage. At last, they reach the wedding. Surprisingly, the young man is invited to it and speaks to the bride before she becomes his wife officially. He says he supposes to be a gentle man to any woman even if they have their husbands, and implies he is hot on her. To the serious confess which is enable common woman to answer the suitable return quickly, she says Brantain is a million dollars and no woman refuse to approach him. After all, enough money is her priority.
     How come Braintain judges the woman fairly? Maybe those don't get accustomed to love people are up to their ears in love blindly. This story can be constructed with such a man and an evil woman ironically. The connection of them are unstable and love between them usually is.

Bassett, Jennifer. The Kiss. (2013). UK, Oxford; Oxford University Press. 


BR 3-10: Nothanger Abbey

Henry's first words were of love. (p.60)

Image result for northanger abbey macmillan

     When you were in the eighteenth century, the view around you would not stop surprising you. At that time, women should be too polite and elegant to talk against men. Those women often appear in Jane Austen's novel influenced by her background, and Nothanger Abbey is one of them. 

     Catherine is an upper-class woman. She goes to Bath, England with her friends and meets Henry Tilney who is so clever and gentle that every woman wants to dance with a ball. Every time they talk, they get closer and closer, and then, he invites her to go to Nothanger Abbey with his family. They had the happiest day of their life, which seems to imply their marriage. One day, Catherine has to go home without being told the reason and decides to forget Henry. After a while, he comes to her house and asks her out, and then they get married. 
     Apparently, it is a common sequence that a couple meet and go into the deep pit and they get a marriage life while overcoming their difficulties. However, Nothanger Abbey gives us more complicated situation of the time. Sometimes there are greedy friends and her brother which disturb Catherine's right. It shows that men had great authority, which forced women to obey them. However, there is a typical rule which we can see in Jane Austen's novels. That is to give right for every one to choose their life, especially women. Her heroines have never given up unless they are in undesirable situation. Every reader is attracted by the latest women figure all the time. 

Austen, Jane. Nothenger Abbey. (1997). Oxford, UK: Macmillan Publishers.


BR 3-9: A Tale of Two Cities

Image result for a tale of two cities macmillan     
     We're back to the time of 1775 to 1792 when wars and revolutions occurred and congested in the world. Two cities are Paris, France and London, England. In Paris, people had strong desire to govern the nation by themselves, and executed aristocrats who had powerful authorities and made others frightened. In 1776, there was a revolution in which people want to be independent from the England and created their own country, the United States of America. 

I am going to die. But Lucie and Charles are going to live. (p.62) 

     While the full tide of challenging movement kept, there is a tragic story ( for a man). Charles Darnay is from France and has another name, Charles St Evremonde whose name shows he is an aristocrat. He often visits the England to do his business. One day, a man is stopped by an officer because he goes back and forth between the England and France many times, which makes him a spy unfortunately. He is in court and everyone thinks this man is Charles Darnay from his appearance. However, Sydney Carton, who is like Charles appears and his crime gets well. After that, Charles get married to Lucie who Sydney has longed to love, and they become parents. In 1789, French people are sensitive to be equal citizen and remove the power of aristocrats. Charles is also an upper-class man and sent to a jail with his wife and child.  Sydney gets the news that Charles's wife is also forced to wait for guillotine and separated from her family. Therefore, he makes a plan to go into the jail instead of Charles and make Charles, his wife and his child take to the England. 
     There can be seen two perspectives; unfair individual point and historical background. Like Charles, not every aristocrats had kept their power strongly until those incidents happened. However, the social current go together, focusing on a peaceful society among lower class people. 

Dickens, Charles. A Tale of Two Cities. (2005). Oxford; Macmillan Publisher Limited.